How to Login

All users (Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students) login to PolyLearn through the My CalPoly Portal ( [the Portal changes will be displayed in this tutorial soon]


Can't Login?

If you are an instructor, did your department assign you to the course as "instructor of record"? If you are a student, courses are turned OFF until the instructor turns them ON. After they have been turned on, it takes up to 4 hrs before the Portal will change.

NOTE:  Always LogOut of PolyLearn ("Logout" upper right corner) and then the Portal ("Signout" upper right corner) when finished. If you do not "logout" of the PolyLearn system, others can access your PolyLearn account. The PolyLearn system holds your access much longer so if someone logs in after you on their own Portal account, the click to PolyLearn may open your PolyLearn access. It is safer for all applications to always logout when finished.

All Cal Poly members (faculty & students), with the default layout for the portal, will have the My Classes channel within the Home tab. Staff who are not registered in or teaching a course may not have this tab.

Portal main tab

  1. URL
  2. Type your Cal Poly Username and Password in the top left sign-in box. Username is your Cal Poly email address (, and your Central UNIX password.
  3. Click on the Login button.
  4. Locate the My Classes channel, within the Main tab.
    screen image of my classes
  5. Within the My Classes channel, click on the PolyLearn link to access a PolyLearn course.
    Note: PolyLearn courses can also be accessed within the "other PolyLearn Access" and the PolyLearn Home links on the bottom of the channel. It can take up to 4 hours before the available appears next to the course you are teaching or taking.

    screen image of My Classes

The My Classes channel displays a personalized list of courses for each user. Links are provided for both instructors and students and are listed under "Classes I am Teaching / Enrolled Classes. " Each course link will take the user directly to the PolyLearn course entry page without the need to provide any additional identification. If there is a PolyLearn closed image icon after the link, then the PolyLearn course is not available for students. Only courses with the available icon are available to students. All courses are available to the instructors no matter which icon is shown.

Note: E-Permits, Wait Lists, & Class Lists are not provided through PolyLearn. PolyLearn is a completely different application and server than the Portal or PeopleSoft. The Portal just links to the PolyLearn system.

Adding the My Classes channel

There are three ways to access this channel:

1) Click on the Main tab. The My Classes channel will be displayed in the left-hand column.

2) If a revert back to the default portal layout is not desired, you can subscribe to the new My Classes channel in the current layout:

  1. Click on the Customize button at the top right of this window.
  2. Search for the My Classes block, then click on the Add button on the right, then click on the I'm Done button.
    screen image of Portal Add Content