Gradebook: Fall 2018 Support

There are so many options within the Gradebook that can be confusing for both you and your students. Extra Credit, hidden items, and weighting can create problems if not set up correctly. The PolyLearn Support Team would like to help reduce the confusion and provide you with peace of mind.


Natural / Sum of Grades & Extra Credit

If you have your PolyLearn Gradebook set to “Sum of Grades” (Natural), then Extra Credit needs to be outside of a Category to add points to a student's grade. 

Extra Credit within a Category screen image

Move all extra credit items into the Grabebook’s main area.

You can move all the Extra Credit items by selecting the them on the right and in the Move selected items to...

Move selected items to ... screen image

…pick the course name.

How do I know if my Gradebook is using Natural Aggregation?

Go to the Course Category total and click on the Edit Menu,, then click on the Edit settings link.


The Gradebook Aggregation is by default Natural. Natural will allow you to set the Gradebook to "Sum of Grades" or "Points Total".


The Natural aggregation is unweighted when the boxes are not checked. Do not check the Weights boxes if you want Sum of Grades.

Notice the bottom value is 999 points under Max grades.

Hidden Activities in a Weighted Gradebook

At the end of the quarter, when grades are due, there shouldn’t be any hidden items within a Weighted Category of the PolyLearn Gradebook.

If you have items you copied from a past course that you do not want to delete, it is OK to hide them.
Make sure they are not within a Weighted Category.

For example….

  • At the end of the quarter, the Grader Report can display a different grade to you than what your students see in the User Report if you have hidden weighted items in the Gradebook.

    The Grader Report with hidden items…
    Hidden Gradebook Items screen image
    …will affect the final grade…
    Correct course total screen image

    …in the Grader Report. PeopleSoft takes the Grade value from PolyLearn’s Grader Report data.

    In the students’ view of the User Report; this IS the correct Grade.
    Course Total screen image from the User Report

    You can still have hidden items, but you need to add them into a new 0% Category.
    hidden items in a category 0% screen image

    Please view the Video Instructions




If you have any questions about YOUR gradebook, please feel free to request the PolyLearn Team to review your Gradebook or email for support. You can also schedule an individual consultation.