Group Self-Selection Tool

The activity module allows students to create their own groups which can be used for group assignments, projects, and other modules in the polylearn system.

Table of Contents

Creating a Group Self-Selection

Creating a Group Self-Selection

Adding a Group Self-Selection

Students can create their own groups that instructors can use for group Assignments and other activities.

  1. Click on the Add an activity pull-down list.
    activity window
  2. Choose the Group self-selection tool.
  3. If needed, click on Expand All in the top right corner
  4. Expand All Button

  5. Under the General section, type the Name (required) into the text box.
  6. Type the Description text into the box.

    • Select Groups from Groupings: if you are using groups to merge sections, you will need to create a grouping first and then it will appear in this pull-down list. For more information on how to create groupings look at the Groups section under "Create a new Grouping"
    • When you select the grouping all groups created in this Group Self Selection module will be added to that Grouping, you will need to create one for each Grouping if you have multiple.
    • Set Min and Max numbers for Groups: this would be the required number of members
    • Set Open and Close dates: can be set for group deadlines
    • Students can create groups: check this to allow them to create the group name.
    • Students can set the name of the new groups: when the student creates the group they would type in the name.
    • Students can set and edit group description: not necessary

    The other options are not necessary. If you want to learn more about the option, click on the (?) next to the name.

    There is no need to change the default settings in the Common module settings, Restrict access, Tags, or Competencies

  7. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Save and return to course or Save and display button.

Once the students have created their groups you can now create group assignments. When a student submits an assignment it will automatically show what group they are in during the grading process. Also in the assignment you can choose to apply the same grade to all group members.