Course Copy, Backup, Restore

The Course Copy / Backup / Restore features are useful for instructors who are teaching the same course from a previous quarter, and would like to transfer files and materials to use for the current quarter. This is an invaluable tool that prevents instructors from having to manually re-upload each file. In addition to files, instructors can also import blocks that were previously enabled, as well as filters.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Always start with the Course Copy or Restore as your option to move content into Fall 2019.
  2. If you are sharing your course content, give the person a Backup of your course. Do not make them an instructor. People have accidentally modified original courses.
  3. Try a different browser if it didn't work the first time.

The Restore tool allows you to set new due dates for the whole course. Learn more

Please be aware of these issues...

  • Courses that are larger than 2GB will not Restore, Import, or Course Copy into other course shells. Each course must be 2GB or smaller to work.
  • Currently Glossary Terms will not import from one course to another. Please see the online tutorial on how to import your glossary terms.

When to Use a Tool & Table of Contents

Course Copy

Course Copy block can be used between quarters in the same academic year or different academic years. From a course in AY 2017-2018 (Fall 2017 - Summer 2018) into a course of AY 2018-2019 (Fall 2018 - Summer 2019). Example: Open the Winter 2019 course and use the Course Copy block to copy course content from a Winter 2018 PolyLearn course.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore can be used between course sections and between quarters. Restore allows you to change ALL activity dates.

Course copy

How to use the Course Copy Wizard

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Duplicate Imports

Multiple copies can be performed into a single course. However, be sure to only select wanted activities/files that weren't copied previously. Selecting to copy an activity/file that already exists will not overwrite the old one, resulting in duplicates.

Need to Revert course to blank?
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Course Number Meanings

Each course has a number code on the end which tells the month and year it was offered, for example 2182. The first three numbers are the year (218=2018, 217=2017, etc.) and the last number is the quarter. (2=Winter, 4=Spring, 6=Summer, 8=Fall). So 2182 would be a course offered Winter 2018.

PolyLearn courses are separated by Academic Years on the PolyLearn server, so when you want to copy content from an old course into a new course and they are in different academic years (for example, copying from Spring 2016 into Fall 2017), you need to use the Course Copy Wizard and NOT the Import tool. If you try to use Import, the old course (in a different academic year) will not appear in the list of courses to copy from.

From the NEW / blank course:

  1. From the Left Menu, scroll down and find the Course copy wizard (it should appear in the lower right area of the page).

  2. On the Find a course to copy page, click the radio button next to the course you want to copy from. The list will include all courses for which you are the instructor.
    screen image of the course to copy from
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Continue button.
  4. Review the Confirmation and review page and click the Perform import button (The Full name, Short name, and Course code will be filled in with the course ID of the course you are copying from in the image below).
  5. When the process is finished, you will receive a completion message. Click the Continue button to exit and return to the course.
    screen image of the import complete message

Backup and Restore

How to Backup a Course

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A course can be saved with some or all of its parts by using the course backup. An instructor can create a backup or download an existing backup for safe keeping, or for use on another Moodle site.

From the course you want to backup:

  1. From the Course Menu, click on the Backup link.
    screen image of backup link
  2. On the Initial settings page, choose the content types you want included in the backup. You will only be able to select/deselect activites, blocks, and filters. Enrolled users, user information, role assignments, comments, completion details, course logs, and grade history cannot be backed up.
    Click the Next button to continue or the Jump to final step button if you want to Backup all content.
    screen image of the initial settings page
  3. On the Schema settings page, choose which topics and items you want included in the backup. Again, user data cannot be saved. Click the Next button to continue.
    screen image of the schema settings page
  4. On the Confirmation and review page, give the Backup a name or use the default Filename. Review the Backup settings, Included items, and then scroll down and click Perform backup button.
    screen image of the confirmation and review page
  5. The Backup file will be created and when the process is complete, you will receive the message below. Click the Continue button to view the Backup file.
    screen image of the success page
  6. Your Backup will appear in the User private backup area.
    Click on the Download link to save the file to your computer.
    You can Download the file or Restore it from this page.
    screen image of the restore page

How to Restore a Course

If you have a course Backup file stored on your hard drive or in PolyLearn, you can restore the course to a new or existing course by using the Restore tool. You can also use the Restore tool when you've found a third party Moodle course that you'd like to use in your PolyLearn course shell (from a textbook publisher, for example).

Restore allows you to set new due dates for the whole course.

To restore a course:

  1. From the Course Menu, click on the Restore link.
    screen image of Restore link
  2. NOTE: If you just performed a Backup in this Academic Year (Fall 2018 - Summer 2019), click the Restore on the right.
    screen image of the restore page
    If the Backup file is from another Academic Year and you have downloaded it to your computer,
    1) drag the MBZ file into the box and
    2) click on the Restore button.

  3. Confirm the Backup details, Backup settings, and Course details on the Confirm page. Scroll down and click the Continue button.
    screen image of the restore confirm page
  4. On the Destination page, pick the Restore into this course - Merge the backup course into this course.
    Then, click the Continue button.
    screen image of restore
  5. On the Settings page, Include activities, blocks, and filters will already be checked.
    Click the Next button to continue.
    Please leave the default setting for Include enrolment methods to NO.
    screen image of the restore settings page
  6. On the Schema page, you'll see an overview of the Backup settings and Course settings to be restored.
    1) Choose Yes, for the Overwrite course configuration.
    2) With Overwrite checked, change the start date of the course.
    3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Next button.
    NOTE: This will change all the activity dates to match this new course start date. Please review all dates to double check.
    screen image of the restore schema page
  7. The Review page is identical to the Schema page and nothing can be changed, click the Perform restore button to restore the course.
  8. The restore process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. When the process is complete, you will receive a success message. Click the Continue button to return to the course.
    screen image of the successful restore message
  9. The contents of the Backup should now appear restored in the course.