Quiz Questions with AIKEN

With AIKEN, PolyLearn offers an easy way to mass upload multiple choice questions into your PolyLearn Question Bank. Instead of individually creating questions, you now have the ability to create a Text Document of multiple choice questions, and easily upload it through the Import system in your Question Bank. Use a text editor, like NotePad and TextEdit, then save it as a .TXT (or text format) file in UTF-8 format.



Question and Answer Format

When creating the questions, you must follow a specific format in order for them to transfer over correctly.

  1. The Question must be all on one line.
  2. Each answer must start with a single uppercase letter, followed by a period "." or a bracket ")", then a space.
  3. The Answer line must immediately follow, starting with "ANSWER: " (Note: in all capital letters and a space after the colon) then following that, the appropriate capitalized answer letter.

    Questions in your .TXT test question bank should look like the two images below:


    Example file (download) - right click and choose save as, save link as, or download file

Importing an AIKEN File into the Question Bank

It is possible to import questions from exterior file types. There are numerous supported file types including AIKEN, XML, GIF, and Close. Go to the Question Bank page, to learn more about importing the AIKEN - .TXT file.