Label Resource

The instructor can add a label to their course. This allows the instructor to add notes for the students that will help to clarify or merely add additional information.

Table of Contents

Adding labels

Managing labels

Adding labels

Adding a new label

Instructors can insert a label in order to add descriptions to the different topics within the course. This also allows the instructor to give additional instruction to the students for the activities.

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Use Labels to Organize Content

PolyLearn has a section for each week or topic. Labels can help to organize a week or topic worth of content.

image of how labels can be used in a course
  1. Select Turn editing on.
  2. Click on the Add an activity or resource link.
    label resource boxed
  3. Choose the Label tool.
  4. Click the Expand all link to view all setting boxes
  5. expand

  6. Type the Label text (required) into the text box.

    • Visible sets whether or not the students can view the resource.
    • Restrict access allows the instructor to set a condition on the assignment until other assignment(s) are completed:
      • Allow access from and Allow access until determine when students can access the activity via a link on the course page.
        Note: The difference between access from/to dates and availability settings for the activity is that outside the set dates the latter allows students to view the activity description, whereas access from/to dates prevent access completely.
      • Grade condition determines any grade conditions which must be met in order to access the activity.
        Note: Multiple grade conditions may be set if desired. If so, the activity will only allow access when ALL grade conditions are met.
      • Show activity greyed-out, with restriction information / Hide activity entirely determines how the activity displays before conditions have been met.
  7. Click Save and return to course.


Managing labels

Updating a label

  1. Click on the Edit button, then the Edit settings link.
  2. Edit the Label text as desired.
  3. Click Save and return to course.