What's NEW in PolyLearn Moodle 3.3 (Winter 2018)

The PolyLearn system was upgraded to Moodle version 3.3 on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Moodle has improved the LMS by cleaning up the core code to allow for improved performance and integrations. The next long release will be version 3.4, which will will install for Fall 2018.

NOTE: As always, make sure to use supported Browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Do not use Internet Explorer.

Enhancements added during Winter 2018:
(Additional items will be added throughout Winter quarter)

Forum (MoodleRooms)

This as addition to the current Forum tool. The MoodleRooms tool provides additional features not available in the Forum.

  • Allow marking as substantive: If enabled this feature allows instructors to flag posts that have a substantive value.
  • Allow post bookmarking: If enabled, forum posts can be bookmarked.
  • Allow private replies: With this feature, instructors can send a private reply to a forum post. This reply is only viewable by the student that made the original post or reply and invisible to the rest of the students.
  • Allow anonymous postings: If checked, then the author's name for each post will be suppressed when viewing the forum.

To use this feature, you would need to use the Forum (MoodleRooms) tool. To learn more, please see the support page.

Extra Credit

When you create a Grade Item, you can not choose extra credit before saving. This will reduce number of clicks to create an extra credit item.